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Master Robert N. Wheatley, VIII Dan



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Welcome to the United States International Taekwon-Do Federation.  If you have any questions please email us. 

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2014 World Championships
Rome, Italy

July 23 - 27, 2014

The US-ITF is on the quest to compete with some of the best competitors in the World. 

Best of luck to our US-ITF members who will be competing in the 2014 World Championship in Rome, Italy!  This highly anticipated event will be the culmination of our members’ hard work and training.  Our competitors have put in countless hours sweating and kicking and will undoubtedly make the US-ITF proud.  Master Wheatley and Master Jue will be there to support our competitors along with Coaches Arjun Dhingra, Catherine Jue, Official US Wold Championship Committee member Master Debra Risko and our Official USA Umpire Maser Terrence Geoghegan.  Stay tuned for updates from the event as our competitors represent Team USA and bring home the gold!